February 28, 2011

January 26, 2011

Challenges by January 30, 2011

Outdoor - What makes me smile in January

Topic: Keys

2 Pix of both topics

What makes me smile in January

The beginning of a beautiful day. Monday at 7:23 am. CK

The sign of early spring. CK

Seeing the ice crack by the sun's warming rays (MN)

Spending a sunny sunday by the sea, with my love, photographing(MN)


Historic key - was the key to my grandma´s house. CK

Keys keys keys. CK

Keys to my heart; diamonds ... he he he (MN)

Keys to the rest .... ;0) (MN)

January 18, 2011

Challenges by January 23rd, 2011

Seasonal Outdoor; "Window shopping"

Topic: Body part 2 pix of each.

Outdoor "Window shopping"

Window shopping for cakes. Famous bakery in Copenhagen. CK

Windowshopping for cigars in New york City. Archive. CK

Just delicious ... Georg Jensen (MN)

Window shopping for notalgics (MN)

Body parts

Made of marbel, but what a body part! CK

Hand holding an appel. CK

Lips ... without make up (MN)

All I wanted for X-mas .... two front teeth (MN)

January 11, 2011

Challenges by January 16, 2011

Outdoor - Any Item (2) - colour

Topic: Before & After (2) - colour

Outdoor - Any Item

Green waterhose. CK

Favorite topic - tree and bench. CK

Seasonal outdoor I (MN)

Seasonal outdoor II (MN)

Before and After

Before the party. CK

After the party. CK

Before .... (MN)

After ..... (MN)

January 4, 2011

Topics by January 9th, 2011

1) Seasonal outdoor: "Shadow" 2 pix Colour
2) Topic: "Sculptures" 2 pix Colour

Sesonal Outdoor "Shadow"

Shadows from the cycle rack. CK

A dog, a photographer, and a tall tree. CK

A christmas-tree partly in the shadow (MN)

Shadows in the park, from a low winter sun (MN)


Sculpture made of stone. Artist unknown. CK

Snow snake made of stone
works as a bench. CK

Ice sculpture (MN)

Small sculpture in the now (MN)

December 28, 2010

Challenges by January 2, 2011

Seasonal outdoor: Black & White (2 pix)
Topic: "Silver" (2 pix)

Sesonal outdoor Black & White (2)

Doing one of our favourite things ..... (MN)

Looking to Denmark in the horizon .... (MN)

Dead leave on the snow. CK

"Every white" Birch. CK

Topic: Silver (2)

Frozen water taking a silvery colour ... (MN)

Driving home for X-mas in a silvery landscape... (MN)

Christmas hearts. CK

Part of Silver fork. CK

December 19, 2010

Challenges by December 27th, 2010

Seasonal: "Happy Holidays" 2 pix
Topic: "In the kitchen" 2 pix

Happy Holidays

Time to enjoy the outdoor sports. CK

Happy Christmas Face. CK

Children's holiday mood with half a loaf and cartoons in the background....

Grown up's holiday mood with a sherry and the fireplace in the background....

In the Kitchen

Busy in the kitchen, cooking for X-Mas. Ck

Plates. CK

The main course ready for the stove .....

.... and some dessert a little later

December 14, 2010

Challenges by december 19, 2010

Sesonal outdoor with special effect. Your choice.

Topic: Anything that glows in the dark

Sesonal Outdoor "Special Effect"

Just before sunset "Waterpaper" CK

Just before sunset "Contrast" CK

Icicles hanging from the roof - picture with special effect "pencil" (MN)

Swan on ice - picture with special effect "relief" (MN)

Anything that glows in the dark

Red hearts in tree CK

The Nimb in Tivoli Garden. CK

Artificial glow in the dark (MN)

Natural glow in the dark (MN)